Saturday, May 27, 2006


I don't like fast food places. The thought of eating at Wendy's and McDonald's really turns my stomach. But I hadn't really ever stopped to think about why that is until just recently. I was watching TV and a McDonald's commercial came on that reminded me of a rumor I'd heard way back in elementary school that has stuck with me to this day. I can only guess that this rumor is the reason I still don't like fast food... All I remember is being at a McDonald's with some friends and one of them was looking at my hamburger and said, "Don't you know what that's made of? It's squirrel meat!!" I was disgusted and asked how she knew and she said her older brother had told her. And her older brother knew everything. Ever since then, I won't eat a hamburger from a fast food place.

I guess it could be that people just like to make fun of big, prosperous corporations, or to try and deter from their success by making things up. Although they are just stories, rumors like this really do affect people (I am a case in point).

Here's a Wikipedia link to some other McDonlad's ingredient stories:'s_urban_legends


Blogger Evelyn said...

yea, I heard they use kangaroo meat but what dont they say about fast food restaurants? I think that if we beleived these myths to be true, we would definitely become healthier in avoiding all fast foods, but come on now, that will never happen.

6:28 PM  

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