Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Final Exam Legend

I've heard this a couple of times, but told as doubtful story. You probably have heard it, too.
It goes like this:

Professor is giving final exam in large lecture class, and when time is up, he tells students to stop writing. One particular student keeps writing. The professor notices and says again more loudly that students are to stop writing. Everyone has stopped except for that one student who keeps on writing. The professor starts to collect the exams and warns that he will not except the work of anyone still writing. The professor has all the exams in his hands when the student who had kept writing comes up to him and says, "Do you know who I am? The professor says, "No." The student says, "Good." And sticks his paper in the middle of the stack of papers the professor is holding and walks away.

A variation I have heard has the student not saying anything at all, just sticking the paper into the stack, knowing that the professor would not know who he is. Another variation has the student shuffling the papers as the professor is watching.

The reason I think this story is popular is that it speaks against large, anonymous classes. It also has the student tricking the professor, which we all imagine would be fun to do.


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