Thursday, May 25, 2006

15 mins with no teacher= time to peace it.

Since middle school I have consistently heard the myth that if a teacher doesn't show up for class by a certain time, game over, the kids can leave. 15 min is usually the grace period allotted for teachers to arrive to class. Obviously this is a myth. The interesting thing I see in this myth is the desire to turn the tables on the teacher. Students are often penalized for showing up late for class and suspended for not showing up at all. The tardiness of a teacher would ideally allow students to run around the campus and do whatever they wish. It would be the teacher's fault since you can never leave kids to their own devices. Consequently the teacher would get in trouble with the administration and the students would have had a blast. Another component of the myth is that it shows how teachers are not people--in the eyes of students. It is hard for students to see their instructors as human beings with a life of their own. What could the teacher possibly be doing- other than teaching this class.


Blogger EmilyGeise said...

I have, like most of us probably, also encountered this urban legend. In every class that I show up to and the professor is not there yet, I count down the minutes to when it would presumably be ok to leave. I did a little bit of outside research and according to a website about college urban legends, this one is actually true! At some universities, Tennessee Tech being one that is listed, have a 15 minute ok-to-leave policy. Or at least this website claims this to be truth. I did further research on the official Tennessee Tech website and found that there is no record of such a policy. So this one's still a mystery.

these are the sources I used

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